Knitting in Barbados

Well we are into our final week. As always, the time 'drifts' by in the beginning and speeds up the closer you get to the end. This week it is flying at warp speed.

Instead of bringing hooking with me this year, I brought knitting. I had cast on a sweater for my daughter's birthday, with a promise of presenting it done on our return. And ta-da! It is. Because of consistent lovely breezes, I was able to knit in my usual perch - a chaise lounge overlooking the sea at the beach club where we hang out most days. Here are a couple of pictures taken there.

This is the sweater in progress. The pattern is "Bello" and you can find it here on Ravelry.  I was able to find a version knit by someone who is as tall as Laura and incorporated her modifications into the sweater as I went along. Once she tries it on, I will block it to whatever we need.

Pulling out knitting at the club unearthed a slew of other knitters. Suddenly there were lots of socks being worked on and lots of discussions with newly found knitting friends about events across the country like "Knit East" which is taking place in St. Andrews in late October.  If I weren't already going to Newfoundland to teach at Rug Camp this year, I would be sorely tempted....

Here is my third "sock by the sea". The first two were actually started on the plane down and finished and given to a friend who is a non-knitter but LOVES home made socks. The ones on the needle in this picture are short sneaker socks which will hopefully come back with me next year for my early morning walks each day. This one is finished and its mate is now on the needles and will probably get finished on the plane ride home next Tuesday.

Here is a picture of the finished sweater. It was a great pattern and I think the sock weight yarn will make it the perfect not-too-hot sweater that will get lots of wear.

I certainly missed hooking for this much time, but knitting is far more portable - not only for the plane trips, but also for at the deck. Can't really see hooking there, but who knows - maybe next year.


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