Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What happens at rug school ... goes to rug camp

Not quite the adage we all know, but when I tell the story, it will all make sense - at least it did to me.

While teaching in Belleville last month, the two other rug hooking teachers and I decided to spend a night at the movies. We went to see BFG, which we all liked, but that is not the story.

Before dinner, we went to Lone Star for a bite to eat. On the way out, I asked the girls to take a picture of me under the sign, since the restaurant used to be my son's favourite place for his birthday dinner every year. The one in Toronto - not Belleville. With me so far?

The next thing I know, Tina has erroneously told the hostess that it is my birthday and can they have the gigantic cowboy hat. And then, to add insult to injury, they brought out the "rolling saddle".  This is one of the many hilarious images that resulted.

After sharing the pictures with the co-teachers and my son, I had another thought. The theme for Newfoundland Rug Camp this year is Western, so why not hook a mini mat of this picture and put it in for the friendship mat exchange! It will be called "The Lone Star Cowgirl". (Ironically, this was also the theme for Trent Rug School this year and is the upcoming theme at Ragg Tyme School next year. I may get a lot of mileage out of this yet.)

So here is the little mat, which was fun to hook. And even more fun to add a fringe to.

Hopefully nobody who is going to rug camp is reading this, since it is meant to be a surprise.


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