Friday, April 8, 2016

I think Spring's spring is broken.

Since we have been home, there have been three storms that have resulted in accumulation. Yes, they mostly melt pretty quickly, but that is not the point. It should NOT be this cold in April. You know the saying "April showers...."

So despite best intentions, I have NOT been walking in the mornings. Too slippery out there and when you live on a street called Summit, you can be pretty sure that there are big hills involved. Maybe today I will bite the bullet and go and join the Wellness Centre nearby. Who knows when spring will actually show up?

In the meantime, I have been hooking away on my multi-colour moose. And am pretty pleased with what I came up with for background and a border suggestion.

I have quite a bit of hooking left to do on my class samples, so had best keep moving on this colourful character.

Right now there is a sale on a Fabricland and polar fleece is 40 -50% off. I think for projects like this, especially if you want a lot of black and white, it's the perfect alternative to wool. And as far as pillows and bath mats go, it feels amazing on your feet.

I heard from another student this week who turned her OHCG fall project into a bag. Another way to make good use of a smaller piece - and promote the art of rug hooking out there.  Thanks for letting me share your picture Debbie.  I am pretty sure you will get lots of questions and compliments.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Love this moose! And the background too.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend for sure.

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