Hooking in Holetown

For the first time in our four trips here, this year I actually packed hooking supplies. I brought my small gripper frame, a small piece of backing and a bag of alternative fibers such as ribbon, panty hose, sari silk and a few other things hanging around the studio. I figured the small size and the lighter fabrics wouldn't be too hot to work with here.

Four days shy of our two week mark, we have run into a patch of rainy weather. Seems like the minute we head to the beach, down it comes: the minute we go back inside, out comes the sun.  So yesterday, after a few "ins and outs", I decided to pull out the hooking and sit at the table in our little covered area and pull some loops.

I packed mostly blues and greens to bring - either subconsciously knowing those were the colours of the sea - or just because I love the colours. And, inspired by the sea and the images around us here, I drew a spiral design on my backing. Is it the waves of the sea? Is it a chambered nautilus? I don't know.

Whatever it is, I  think it will be a purse front, since it is too small to make into much else. But I have been comforted by the loop pulling. And relieved that it is not too hot to do so. Hooking in Holetown is like Hooking in Heaven.

Here is what - and where - I am hooking.

The colours of the sea and the sun, in the shape of a nautilus.

Here are all my fibres and a peek at my Holetown hooking table. 

The chambered nautilus in its natural habitat - well, I guess palms are not its habitat.
When I was finished yesterday, I realized that this design looks suspiciously like Karen Kahle's spiral chair pads - in fact, I went to her blog to see. If she subconsciously inspired me, I thank her for it. But I do think it was more the shells and the sea and the brightly coloured fish that really got me going. And a couple of rainy days to make it happen.

But lest I despair about the rain, I think of the crazy weather back home - the -32 this week and the never-ending snow - and count my blessings. The people staying at our place are more than welcome to all that snow removal for a while. And I will gladly tolerate the rain. 

In hindsight, I wish that I had brought a bigger piece of backing and more material with me to make a bigger piece that would take a bit longer. But I am sure if I feel like doing more, I will be able to track down what I need. After all, I am NOT hooking with wool.


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