Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Willie Nelson Tune.

"On the frame again. I just couldn't wait to be on the frame again...."   Admit it - you were humming, right?

After more than a month of no hooking, I got back on the frame this weekend, with a new mat for the theme display at the OHCG Annual in North Bay at the end of May. It's a small piece that should be easy enough to get done in time, but I must confess to feeling a little rusty. But it is good to be back.

Can't spoil the surprise for this little piece (the theme being "All Abuzz About Bugs") but here is a little sneak peek. I decided to applique a caterpillar and some ladybugs into the mat and had to do them before starting the hooking.  I did do some hooking, but can't show you yet.

Speaking of bugs, I should imagine with these crazy warm temperatures we have been having, ours will be along any minute now - the real ones, not the cute hooked ones. Yesterday it was 23, today 24 - which made my hanging baskets of evergreens and red things completely ridiculous. So, yesterday, I did my pussy willow baskets and think they will do a nice job of bridging the gap between now and "real flower" season. People are telling me that their crocuses, tulips and daffodils are all up. And I know that the melting of the ice on the lake is about a month ahead of last year.

With all this craziness, I hope that we aren't in for more "winter" for Easter.  But if you look closely, you will see the snow shovel still by the front door, just in case.

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