My love-hate relationship with lettering.

After nearly two weeks, I got back to my hooking last Friday and worked on my Grandma's Trunk project. I was making such headway, I thought I'd be done early.

Then I started on the lettering!!! Not just lettering, but script, i.e. childish handwriting. And did it ever put a crimp in my speed. Not only did I have to size down to a 6 from an 8-cut, but I had to outline it right away before I lost the letters. Luckily, I could go back up to an 8 for the rest of the background.

Here is the result - I think I can show you just the lettering without revealing anything else in the challenge piece.

I realized I don't particularly enjoy lettering, yet I seem to do a lot of it. I guess it's my love of words. I'm attracted to phrases and they usually involve lettering LOL. It made me stop and think about the number of mats I have done with words.

One of my favourite pieces is this pattern of Deanne Fitzpatrick's. Not only is she a fantastic artist, she has a definite gift with words - on this mat and on her blog.

This is the most lettering I have ever done on a mat, and although not perfectly hooked, it is readable - even from across the room. No one comes into the studio who doesn't stop to read the words.

Here are a few more "wordy" mats.

I guess this attraction to letters will be something I just need to slow down for. I can't see it abating any time soon.


Gayle said…
It looks good to me! I rarely add words to my mats, but I have a friend who almost always adds some somewhere. I do like it, but just never think of doing it for myself! I've heard that they can be difficult!
Orange Sink said…
I love words on a mat. It does slow you down some. Your lettering is done perfectly! I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of your Grandmother's trunk rug!
Your peek has me on the edge of my seat!!!
Cathy G
Jen Manuell said…
As I said, I think it looks great -- and even better in the context of the rest of the mat....

Grammie would be thrilled :-D

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