Look at me Hook.

Well, as this picture will demonstrate, I am over my hooking moratorium. In fact, I think I will coin a new phrase and category for me that is (no offence to anyone with the real disorder) ADHD - attention deficit hooking disorder.

Since I have picked up my hook again, I have been completely scattered. Like a starving woman at a buffet, I run from project to project, unable to focus on one thing. Truth be told, a few of the items in the picture were time sensitive. The item "under" my frame has a June 30th finish date - it's my secret stocking for the RHF challenge to be revealed at Circle of Friends.

The piece on the frame is a name sign for a new cottage baby "Ava". What's not in the picture is the sign I hooked and already gave to her new baby cousin Jakob. I forgot to take a picture before giving it to his parents. I will get them to send me one.

Under the frame and next to the mystery stocking is the beginning of my first-of-four Matrix pillows I am making following Jennifer's Amazing Matrix instructions. I am off to a really good start and will get back to that later today.

What's so amazing about this picture is that I seem to have my hooking mojo back. I'm adjusting to my new hook and my new life here at Salmon Lake. My days have gotten a rhythm that is a good mix of work and play and a lot of variety. I sort of do what I want, when I want, which will take some getting used to.

My daughter was here for the weekend, so the days changed to do what she wanted. Lots of physical stuff which was good for me. First kayak paddle. First paddleboat ride. And for Laura and her Dad, the traditional May 24th dip. Not for me!!!

So as we roll into our fourth week, I am starting to feel more of a full-time connection. As the cottagers all roared out last night for the trek home, and we sat and listened to the quiet, we felt good about our decision. We will have a few months of enjoying this. Maybe not so much in November.

But thankfully, hooking is a-seasonal, so I can continue my ADHD habit for as long as I like.


Orange Sink said…
Thats a good thing! Just roll with the moment and soon you will settle into a routine.....when it's time! Glad you are hooking again and it all looks beautiful! I really am having a hard time this spring staying focused. Too long away from the gardens last year! Cathy G
Kim said…
It sounds great. I love the "vacation" feeling all year round. Just go with the flow!! I smiled when I read the line about all the cottagers roaring out last night. I used to move out to my cottage from May til the end of October. Everybody moved home Labour Day and I loved being out there alone Sept and Oct. I miss that part!

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