Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Amazing Artist Says "YES"

This is the latest “Jeanius Bag” front that I have just hooked for my lifelong pal Gaye. She sent me a clipping from a magazine that featured a painting by an artist named “Jennifer Mack” who lives in Calgary and does incredible paintings of horses, mostly mustangs. She wondered if it would be a good design for a bag and without question, it was.

But, as I told Gaye, I needed permission from the artist before I could proceed. Since the ad also contained the URL for her website, it was very easy for me to find her. To my delight, Jennifer responded to my request in less than 24 hours, not only saying yes, but telling me that she was a textile artist in art college and really only started painting after graduation. She is keen to see what I do, so I will be sending her an email later today to show her progress.

The original piece is very large – 48 x 60, so my little 7 x 9 purse flap had to squeeze a fair amount of detail into a tiny space. Please go and see her website so that you can enjoy the real deal. www.jmackfineart.com

This makes 3 for 3 “Yes” replies from artists whom I have approached for permission to adapt their work. It never ceases to amaze me the willingness in the artistic community to allow others to be inspired.

I think my friend Gaye is going to be more than thrilled with her bag. And I hope that Jennifer will feel that I have done her proud.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Very interesting horse ~ your client should be sooo happy!!

Miccosukee said...

Wonderful rendition of artist's work! Such attention to detail would make any one happy.


Sheri said...

I've only asked permission from one artist and also received a "yes". It is for a hand painted sign that Lori Brechlin painted for her shop. I found it on her website, I guess and can't wait to hook it! I'm surprised she didn't hook it instead of just painting it! Of course I won't sell it. It is going to be just for me. Also it will be done in black, white and grays like your beautiful horse!

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