Socks with Crocs?

As the cold winter arrives, along with the "dark", the wardrobe shift looms. Luckily, the mainstay of my wardrobe is jeans, which are a-seasonal, so not a lot to do there. But it's time to bring out all my wonderful handmade sweaters. And it's time to start wearing socks.

The two pairs shown here are ones I have knitted in the car and they are just about the nicest ones I have ever made. They are from that fabulous wool that changes colour for you - no switching of yarns required. The yarn comes with its own pattern, which has a table for multiple sizes. I couldn't quite figure out their heel instructions, but my socks do have heels, so I guess my interpretation worked.

The question is, can I wear these with Crocs? I am a big Crocs fan and in the past 4 years (my first pair were actually pre-Crocs and were called "holey soles" and were Canadian made) I have brought many people into the club. I have a couple of pairs, which I alternate so they will last longer. Also, one pair are vaguely silver, so they are my dressy Crocs.

When I chose the yarn to make these socks, the Crocs were definitely in the colour scheme. The brown and beigey striped ones are great with my silver ones. The blue striped ones are awesome with my cornflower blue ones. I'm just not sure that going outside the house with the socks and Crocs combo is such a great idea. However, the new few weeks (or time until the snow flies) will tell. Luckily, my cold season footwear is a few pairs of Blundstones and both pairs of these socks are amazing under them.

If you are tempted to try to knit some socks, go for this wonderful yarn. It may cost a bit more, but once you have knit them, you have an amazing pattern and only two ends to darn in. Yippee!

They wash incredibly well. The feel on your feet is heaven. And if you are patient and a good scout, you can find the sock wool on sale quite often. The basement at Romni wools (on Queen St. W. in Toronto) often has balls of this sock wool for half price.

So bring it on, old man Winter. I am ready for you. Or at least my feet are. I think I will make a few more pairs, since they are so easy to take along to the cottage. And I will try to leave my Crocs out of the future colour choices.


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