No loops pulled for 10 days!

Since I started hooking nearly 5 years ago, it has pretty much been part of my daily routine. I may miss a day here or there, but certainly I have enough projects on the go that I always have something waiting for me when I sit down at night.

Going for 10 days without any hooking was a real anomoly. Truth be told, when we left for our week at the cottage (notice I did not use the word vacation), I didn't even bother to pack any of my many projects. I knew that there was absolutely no point in bringing anything along. The knitting I did bring never made it out of the bag and my book only got opened once.

So, it was wonderful to sit down on Monday nite and get back into it. Even though I only had an hour to spend, it was like coming home. Getting everything together, lining up my hook and scissors - already I felt better. I'm sure my psyche was purring as I pulled those first few loops after so long.

When we go back for our second week at the cottage after Labour Day, I feel quite optimistic that I will be able to bring along, and do, some hooking. I am counting on less dirt, more light and even heat.

And I'm counting on not having to miss that many days again.


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