O Canada Day Weekend

For the past 16 years, July 1st weekends have been the traditional cottage kind - filled with swimming, kayaking, eating, drinking, hanging out with friends and family.

Not this year! Without a place to sleep at the cottage yet, the weekend was fractured, the rhythm was off and I was left wanting. Friday was a work holiday, which I spent doing chores around the house. If I stopped to think about what I was missing, it felt like a wasted day. But the weather wasn't great, so it was the perfect opportunity to get to a few odds and ends tasks. And I did end up with better organized spaces, some fresh touches of paint and a feeling of having accomplished something I've been putting off for ages.

On the bright side, not heading up on Thursday night or Friday meant we missed the incredible traffic - which, try as I might to convince myself, is not a high point of long weekends for me. Even at 6:45 Saturday morning, there was a pretty steady flow northbound on the 400. But, as a car knitter, I get lots done on these 2+ hour trips. A full sleeve this trip.

We arrived to find kitchen windows, garage doors and windows, one upstairs bedroom window and two basement windows. The kitchen was the prize of the weekend. Not only was it light and bright with the new windows, but there was running water in the sink and a clear counter which I was able to clean and use to make lunch. Yahoo!!!

During the day on Saturday, we met with the contractor, a few of the cottage neighbours came to peek and we did get several chores done before heading to friends' cottage for dinner and a sleepover. We brought dinner in return for lodging and spent a great evening with them, sharing their first long weekend bonfire.

Next morning, coffee and bagels and then back to the cottage for a couple more chores and then back in the car to head home - again, on the bright side, missing the worst of the traffic. The bonus was finding an amazing piece of furniture for our new entry way, so the day was rescued in that respect. But all in all, it was a big disappointment to have to vary our Canada Day tradition.

I keep reminding myself that this is just one Canada Day in the scheme of things and next year we will be back on track with all the usual activities.

It will be Canada Day again before we know it.


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